David Williams

Medical Affairs Lead
Medical Affairs Stada UK

David qualified in medicine 31 years ago and has extensive experience pharmaceutical medicine, with over 21 years in a wide variety of roles across major and biotechnology companies. Having qualified as a GP, David has worked in the NHS and Australian health systems and spent time as a senior lecturer in Remote and Rural medicine in the University of Western Australia.

David has extensive industry experience in the UK, Europe and globally, leading HTA submissions and drug launches and has a wide therapeutic experience, deep real-world evidence knowledge and experience of RWE generatiion.

David’s experience in respiratory include lead medic for Spiriva launch teams in the UK for Boehringer Ingelheim and for GSK for Seretide COPD. He was also the lead advocate with the UK Government on the National Policy on Respiratory Health. During his time as Senior Lecturer in Respiratory Primary Care in Aberdeen, David completed his MSc thesis on the Cost of COPD in Scotland maximizing the use of extensive RWD. In addition to multiple roles in medical affairs, David has been head of HEOR for UK Global R&D, Global Head of Government Affairs in AZ and Global.