Doccla is the virtual ward company. Founded in Sweden in 2018, we have since maintained an unwavering ambition to supply the very best patient monitoring service with the highest levels of clinician and patient satisfaction.

"We work collaboratively with our clients to tailor services to meet their exact requirements, integrating their preferred devices and dovetailing into their internal processes. Our patient support is unmatched, delivering superb levels of compliance, even among patients entirely unfamiliar with modern technology and the internet.

Our many NHS clients praise our comprehensive support, which frees them from worrying about implementation, technology, logistics and patient compliance. We take care of every detail behind the scenes, to deliver a service that allows clinicians to focus entirely on their patients.

We support patients of every sort, even those with high acuity conditions requiring real-time continuous monitoring. Their testimonials show that our patients are vastly reassured by the service we provide, which transforms their experience of healthcare.

Our investment in clinical research and technical development ensures that we maintain an up-to-the-minute expertise in the application of remote monitoring across the widest range of pathways. With the help of our amazing NHS clients, we deploy a virtual ward service that is proven to reduce costs while improving outcomes and freeing resources. It is the future of healthcare, today.