eConsult Health Limited provides the UK’s leading digital triage systems in the NHS, covering both primary and secondary care. All of eConsult Health’s platforms are developed by NHS clinicians and overseen by the company’s unique Clinical Governance Board to enable safe and effective triage and ensure patients receive the right healthcare at the right time by the right clinician. In primary care we offer an award-winning online consultation platform for primary care, used by more than 3,200 GP practices, serving over 30 million patients each year as well as supporting the development of eHubs to support federated working. We also support secondary care with a platform for NHS Emergency Departments and Urgent Treatment Centres designed to register and automatically prioritise patients upon arrival, improving patient flow and identifying critically sick patients. We recently rolled out the first outpatient care application which ensures that clinicians have the right information to be able to diagnose, manage and treat patients at the earliest point. For more information, please visit