Erica Bonns

Chief Medical Officer
Visiba Care

Erica Bonns is the Head of Medical at Visiba Care. Erica has been deeply involved in the development of Red Robin; automised medical history and triage tool, since August 2020. Erica is also a specialist consultant in Paediatrics, with an emergency focus, at Barnsjukhuset Martina (Martina Children’s Hospital).

In the past twenty years, Erica has worked across a range of medical settings, predominately paediatrics, as well roles such as Chief Physician with project responsibility for care chain development in primary and specialist care, and consultant in Paediatrics at Garissa Regional Hospital, Kenya.

In recent years, Erica has been working in digital transformation of healthcare, with a focus on care information systems and applications for healthcare providers. Erica has also worked at Inera, with the 1177 site, in particular the first-line care and triage services.