Katy Calvin-Thomas

Manchester Local Care Organisation

Katy is Chief Executive at Manchester and Trafford Local Care Organisations (LCOs), which is delivering community health and adult social care in the neighbourhoods of Manchester and Trafford. The LCO is taking a population health and prevention approach working with communities to improve health outcomes.

Manchester LCO is a pioneering partnership between the NHS and Manchester City Council and has been established since 2018, with a Section 75 arrangement in place to align staffing and budgets. Trafford LCO was established in 2019 and also provides community and social care services under a Section 75 arrangement.

Prior to this role, Katy was part of the team who delivered health and social care devolution to Greater Manchester. She was a successful Executive Director in Pennine Care Foundation Trust for eight years and held a number of senior roles in hospitals and health care prior to this.