Mike Channon

Manchester Community Response, South Manchester, Manchester Local Care Organisation

Mike is the lead for the Manchester Community Response (MCR) service in South Manchester which is a key component of the Manchester Local Care Organisation (MLCO). MCR teams include Discharge to Assess, Crisis Response, Intermediate Care Beds and Home Pathway, Community Intravenous Therapy and Care Navigation.

He has played a key strategic role in developing the Community Care Navigator service across Manchester and Trafford in his previous role as Community Flow Lead. This has not only improved communication, coordination and connection across services within individual neighbourhoods but has also played a significant role in ensuring people in our communities have access to the right services that suit their individual needs. Which often involves wellbeing support and focussing on preventative measures.

Mike is a Physiotherapist by background and found much of his inspiration in both observing and experiencing how a lack of joined up working can have a negative impact on people’s lives from his work in both community and hospital front door settings. By spending time understanding a person’s needs and looking at the root cause of their problems really identified the need for services to collaborate and also recognise the power of the Voluntary Community Social Enterprise (VCSE) sector.

Integration and empowerment of people at all levels is key to his principles which supports the MLCO’s vision and ways of working.