Advisory Board


Advisory Board

Our purpose is to help health care leaders identify best practices from around the globe to address their individual challenges and translate them into action.

Across the past three decades, we have built a cross-disciplinary staff of 100+ in‑house experts, an unparalleled member network, and a collaborative research process to efficiently evaluate thousands of ideas and pinpoint the handful worthy of members’ deeper consideration. We also break down recommended practices into key components and equip members with implementation tools. While we believe in the transformational power of ideas, we also know that even great ideas must be paired with pragmatic guidance for our members to act on them.

Our international research is conducted by five best practice programmes. Our research covers terrains ranging from broad, population-level strategy to specific, implementation focused topics on clinical operations, quality, and workforce improvement. Our experts also evaluate the use of data and digital information to advance best practices across all facets of health care delivery. While many organisations are members of all five programmes, this structure allows each organisation to customise their membership portfolio to where they most need our help.

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