Circle Health

19 - 20 September 2019
Hilton Deansgate, Manchester


Circle Health

About Circle Health, the award-winning healthcare group

Circle Health is a company that runs hospitals, rehabilitation, and health services in the UK. We were founded in 2004, and we run healthcare in a new way: we put front-line clinicians, doctors, and nurses in charge. By giving them responsibility and freedom, we believe they will run more effective, safe and caring services. Moreover, we run some completely new types of service. We built independent hospitals which pioneered five-star hospitality in the UK, and we’re the only organisation running some innovative types of work in the NHS, like our Bedfordshire musculoskeletal contract.   

Circle Integrated Care delivering innovative MSK services

Circle Integrated Care (known locally as Circle MSK) operates a single hub for MSK services across the Bedfordshire region and in Greenwich as a "prime contractor". This places Circle in charge of integrating all providers around a central service. Any patient requiring treatment for MSK is referred to the hub for specialist triage by their GP; they are sent on to the right care. The patients are then offered the choice over who provides the service, being able, for example, to choose which hospital they attend

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