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Teneo is a global CEO-advisory firm, advising the leaders of the world’s most complex organisations. Within its Management Consulting division, it has a leading position within the Health and Social care sector, supporting both public and private organisations to develop strategies, transform services and realise change. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with our clients to deliver real value. 

Our experienced consultants work with CEOs, Boards and senior Executives on their most challenging questions; covering everything from formulating long-term strategies to addressing their ‘here and now’ pressures. We have developed clinical and organisational strategies, facilitated the development of new models of care, supported the redesign of acute services across local health economies and supported organisations to work more effectively through our approach to organisational design and development. 

Within the NHS, we are experts in multi-agency organisational and system design. We work with organisations, teams and individuals to understand their challenges, design and shape solutions, and support the delivery of new organisational forms. Through this approach, we have supported the development of federations, clinical networks, provider groups and Integrated Care Systems.

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