• This is a conversation, not a conference – your contributions are vital to driving the agenda. This Summit unites senior leadership from across the country, so panels and speakers are there to stimulate truly unique debate, discussion and problem solving across the entire audience 
  • Learn from and influence central policymakers – ensure the challenges faced by your local population are heard and addressed at a national level​ 
  • Unique atmosphere to collaborate with your ICS peers  – the open, Chatham House environment enables all attendees to speak openly and freely about what is (and isn’t) working elsewhere, so you can leverage their ideas and feedback to build your short-term and 5-year ICS strategies
  • Build stronger relationships across health and local government –this is one of the few opportunities for these communities to come together with a united purpose, helping to break down silos​ 
  • Partner content is solutions-driven and relevant to the high-level policy discussion – no sales pitches or lengthy slideshows!